WINTER-SPRING PHOTOS 2012-2013 . . .

Major Construction Winter-Spring 2012-2013

Following a full summer of trips and tours, in early October 2012, we initiated a complete review of the boat with the Marine Surveyor regarding Coast Guard regulations that govern the boat?s operation. Initially, a repair list was generated that included: 1) move the battery chargers to the tank room; 2) replace the fuel lines installed in 2004 as they had begun to crack, and replace fuel filters with aluminum bolls.

After the boat was taken out of the water, we closely examined the original planking and discovered some deterioration. The boat will need 200 lineal feet of outside planking mostly above the water line. Most of the bottom planking does not need to be replaced.  However, we did find major problems inside the back end of the boat:  18 bottom frames and most of the starboard shaft log, longitudinal trusses and the lower portion of the water tight bulkheads will need to be replaced.  This work is very technical and requires special expertise, so we have hired Port Townsend Shipwrights Cooperative to complete and supervise the work. The Shipwrights will also lead our volunteers in replacing the outside planking.

PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121301.JPG (231981 bytes)
Internal framing aft of engine room before replacement
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PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121303.jpg (1151781 bytes)
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121305.jpg (1032720 bytes)
Bob Herbst and Chuck Kellogg inspecting work done
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121306.jpg (1436079 bytes)
Port Townsend shipwright fitting frames 
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121307.jpg (1694592 bytes)
Removed rotten framing
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Surveyor Alison Mazon with Port Townsend shipwright Jim Lyons discussing repairs

PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121309.jpg (1408769 bytes)
Some of the framing after being fitted
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121310.jpg (1248460 bytes)
Starboard shaft log replacement piece
 PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121311.jpg (1345903 bytes)
Shaft log installed
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121312.jpg (1394674 bytes)
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121313.jpg (1260823 bytes)
Ron Taylor working of plugging holes in the bottom
 PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121314.jpg (1372526 bytes)
Ron Taylor and Tom Cates working on installing the stringers

 PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121315.jpg (1066203 bytes)

PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121316.jpg (1578657 bytes)
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121317.jpg (1136449 bytes)
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121318.jpg (1842354 bytes)
Rotten starboard hull planking removed
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121319.jpg (1220536 bytes)
Alison Mazon inspecting while Tom Cates works on hull 
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121320.jpg (1243588 bytes)
Jim Lyons from Port Townsend Shipwrights working on forward starboard planking

PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121321.jpg (1243215 bytes)
Forward starboard planking installed
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121322.jpg (1153726 bytes)
Ron Taylor surveying further work to be done on starboard side

PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121323.jpg (1364284 bytes)
Fred Juras and Lowell Gillespie removing planking on port side forward
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121324.jpg (1365476 bytes)
Ron Taylor with a laminated framing piece under construction.
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121325.jpg (1318422 bytes)
Tom Cates with Jonathan Frank (Ron's grandson) and Ron working on port side forward

PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121329.jpg (1182303 bytes)
Starboard inner planking being fitted
PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121326.jpg (1198432 bytes)
Bob Alton working in the rear tank room
 PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121327.jpg (1755853 bytes)
Transom rotten lower inner log section after removal
 PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121328.jpg (1257603 bytes)
Galley with refrigerator moved and light from below on the port side

PT658_winter2012-2013_Photos/progress121330.jpg (1320949 bytes)
Starboard aft chine repair section