The PT658 is needing . . . .

Above: PT 658 during early restoration cruise, 2006.

Please help find and obtain the following:

* 20mm Mark 5 and/or Mark 4 sight

• Farnsworth USN BN IFF transmitter unit.

• (5) Kidde brass&copper fire extinguishers WW2 vintage (CO2 type - 5 pound).

• Donation for new roll up main door for boat house (~$8,000).

The restoration of PT658 is an on going project to completely restore her to a full World War II Motor Torpedo Boat as would be found on the front fighting line. Any and all help you can provide is always greatly appreciated and contributions of funds or equipment are deductible on Federal and Oregon State personal and corporate income tax returns.

Please help the PT658 restoration . . . .

Thank you for any consideration . . . . Donations

Post War PT658

Photo demonstrating the various stages of restoration . . . .