WINTER - SPRING 2008 - 2009 PHOTOS . . .

PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Jerrysdisplaycase.jpg (433173 bytes)
Jerry Gilmartin with cabinets he created for display at center
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Boatinboathouse.jpg (403696 bytes)
View of boat with doors open at boathouse
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Torpedoskids.jpg (411208 bytes)
Ron Moran created slides for torpedos
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Boathousefoam.jpg (397736 bytes)
Extra foam being installed under boathouse
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Pearson01.jpg (837325 bytes)
Group at Pearson Air museum to receive Mark 13 cutaway topedo on loan

PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Pearson02.jpg (448363 bytes)
Group with torpedo loaded
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Pearson03.jpg (727222 bytes)
Harry Wiedmaier thanking officials

PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Pearson04.jpg (562314 bytes)
John Akin, Maury Hooper, Harry Wiedmaier with troops back at base
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Twin50covers.jpg (420596 bytes)
Bob Cravens working on covers for twin 50's
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Charthouse02.jpg (418163 bytes)
Ron Moran working new chart house
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Charthouse01.jpg (416113 bytes)
Tom Cates disassembling electrical on charthouse
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Charthouse04.jpg (423638 bytes)
Some of the water damaged wood with part of replacement deck

PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Charthouse05.jpg (421961 bytes)
Charthouse ready to be rebuilt
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Charthouse06.jpg (412962 bytes)
Ron Moran and Bob Dubay working on charthouse framing

PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Charthouse07.jpg (414199 bytes)
Door panel near wheel
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/charthouse08.jpg (406665 bytes)
Port charthouse framing
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/charthouse09.jpg (425632 bytes)
Ron Moran working on starboard charthouse framing
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/charthouse10.jpg (419312 bytes)
Jim Mitchell working on port aft wing
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Jaguar01.jpg (423469 bytes)
Jaguar club visiting boathouse
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Jaguar02.jpg (401382 bytes)
Frank Lesage, Chuck Kellogg and Dick Lowe
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Jaguar04.jpg (423730 bytes)
The large group waiting for engine to start in boathouse

PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Jaguar05.jpg (424483 bytes)
Carl Foleen with his XK8
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Harry01.jpg (387998 bytes)
Harry Wiedmaier funeral and memorial
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Harry02.jpg (411826 bytes)
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Harry03.jpg (398278 bytes)
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Harry04.jpg (418418 bytes)
Frank Lesage and Ken Nissen after service
PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/001_1.JPG (1298010 bytes)
CDR Mason with Admiral Messerschmitt Comander of Naval Reserve Forces

PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/005_5.JPG (951619 bytes)
In front of center

PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Admiral01.jpg (409429 bytes)
Frank Lesage, Admiral Messerschmitt, Maury Hooper and Dick Lowe on PT boat

 PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Admiral02.jpg (398778 bytes)
Command Coin given to veterans
 PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Charthouse11.jpg (424926 bytes)
Chart house covering being worked on by Ron Moran
 PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/Charthouse12.jpg (427379 bytes)
Final framing
 PT658_winter2008-2009%20Photos/charthouse14.jpg (430135 bytes)
Being covered