Summer - Fall 2013 PHOTOS . . .

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New engine room -aft tank room wall
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Internal framing work in aft crew quarters
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Aft crew quarters - aft tank room wall framing
PTsummer201304.JPG (233738 bytes)
Starboard aft chine log section with new lower transom log

PTsummer201305.JPG (229817 bytes)
Transom and chine sections to be replaced
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Group from City of Oregon City touring boat
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New starboard planking installed

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Port side planking partially installed
PTsummer201310.JPG (232149 bytes)
Jim Lyons from Port Townsend Shipwrights working on port side planking

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Tom Cates working on repair near starboard center engine exhaust
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Bob Barnum's reinforcing framing work in rear crew quarters
PTsummer201313.jpg (1138960 bytes)
Bob Barnum in starboard side of engine room
PTsummer201314.jpg (1146532 bytes)
Bob Alton working on port battery box in engine room
PTsummer201315.JPG (230716 bytes)
Bob Alton and Jim Lyons installing starboard aft chine log plank

PTsummer201316.JPG (229535 bytes)
Mark Wolf working on transom log
PTsummer201317.JPG (231075 bytes)
Finished transom log plank
PTsummer201318.JPG (231889 bytes)
Finished chine log plank
PTsummer201319.JPG (232191 bytes)
Port forward planking
PTsummer201320.jpg (557646 bytes)
Bob Alton in forward port tank room installing a 'butt block' in a very difficult location under the gas tank..

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After finishing and glad to get out of there
PTsummer201325.jpg (938794 bytes)
The 'whisky plank' being installed by Jim Lyons of Port Townsend Shipwrights with  Bob Alton and Tom Cates looking on

PTsummer201326.jpg (728471 bytes)
With further work to be done we may have more
PTsummer201322.jpg (706907 bytes)
The inner planking is secured to the outer planking with screws where the rivets were removed

PTsummer201323.jpg (1196559 bytes)
The starboard side primed and calked
PTsummer201324.jpg (1238294 bytes)
Ron Taylor and Jan Wojciechowski getting ready to calk the port side
PTsummer201327.JPG (232010 bytes)
Ron Taylor working on priming the lower aft
PTsummer201328.JPG (223024 bytes)
Tom Cates working in the chain locker area
PTsummer201329.JPG (234039 bytes)
Starboard lower water level area painted

PTsummer201330.JPG (236635 bytes)
Jim Mitchell working on the port side
PTsummer201331.JPG (230531 bytes)
Engine room rear tank room wall completed with new door
PTsummer201332.JPG (235066 bytes)
New gas lines installed per Coast Guard request
PTsummer201333.JPG (230468 bytes)
Ron Taylor applying bottom paint on the port side
PTsummer201334.JPG (234946 bytes)
Further port side work to be done
PTsummer201336.JPG (236851 bytes)
Ron Taylor and Tom Cates  with last(?) re-planking section on the port side above the water line

PTsummer201335.JPG (232446 bytes)
Jim Mitchell and Bob Alton fitting modified base of 40mm gun on deck

PTsummer201337.JPG (232606 bytes)
Inner planking on port side upper patch
PTsummer201338.JPG (232727 bytes)
Message for Jet Boat visitors viewing boat
PTsummer201339.JPG (237481 bytes)
Port side upper planking installed by Jim Lyons of Port Townsend Shipwrights

PTsummer201340.JPG (232764 bytes)
Ron Taylor working on camouflage painting
PTsummer201341.JPG (232687 bytes)
Tom Cates working on 2nd (final)  'whisky plank'  on starboard side
PTsummer201342.JPG (235154 bytes)
Starboard and Port sides newly painted and ready to go back in the water
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Frank Lesage(r) with Trish Gerbo and family. Trish's father Gene Clifford was skipper of PT204

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Aft crew quarters freshly painted
PTsummer201353.JPG (231448 bytes)
Our new pier location on the south lagoon side on Vigor Inc.
PTsummer201346.JPG (230757 bytes)
The boathouse being moved by Clark Cafel and crew to our new location at Vigor Inc. Sept 15,2013
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PTsummer201350.JPG (235501 bytes)
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Backing up to the pier