Summer - Fall 2012 PHOTOS . . .

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens01.JPG (233487 bytes)
MoMM1/c Bud Case PT168, BMC Frank Webber USS Colorado BB45, CAPT Earl Manint USS Essex CV9, ENCS Carl Akin, SKCS Mike Hyde, ENCM Bob Barnett, Toby McClary Grand Ronde Council, Bob Alton, Jim Mitchell and Jerry Gilmartin on way to St. Helens July 13-15

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Maury Hooper and Frank Lesage
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Jerry Gilmartin with captain Lowell Gillespie and Warrior Point lighthouse in background
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens04.JPG (219785 bytes)
Our two skippers Chuck Kellogg with Lowell Gillespie at the helm
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens05.JPG (232053 bytes)
The sternwheeler entering port at St. Helens
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens06.JPG (233406 bytes)
Crew salutes as we enter port at St. Helens
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens07.JPG (230775 bytes)
The Friday night fireworks display

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens08.JPG (235240 bytes)
On Sand Island
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens09.JPG (234306 bytes)
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens10.JPG (230806 bytes)
Bob Alton coming aboard with a long group of visitors following
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens11.JPG (232534 bytes)
AFMM/LCI713 crew aboard SSS Reliant ferrying across the Columbia river to the festival awards dinner. L-R Back row: Larry and Elizabeth Baumann, Jerry Gilmartin, Rick Holmes. Front row: Tom Barnett LCI-728 WW2 and Bev Barnett. The AFMM shared a display tent with PT658 during the festival

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens12.JPG (232939 bytes)
One of the PT tables
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens13.JPG (238156 bytes)
Jason Lobo with the ladies from the pirate vessel
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens14.JPG (234777 bytes)
Wally Boerger et al

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens15.JPG (233299 bytes)
Portland Water Spectacular troupe
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/StHellens16.JPG (221294 bytes)
Joe Kessi with Jaden and Isabella at helm on way back to Swan Island

PT658 returning from St. Helens on the Columbia photographed from a small plane by Gerhard Paasche
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201201.JPG (223996 bytes)
Our skipper Dick Ackroyd for trip back from Milwaukie Daze
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201202.JPG (233866 bytes)
.On our way
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201203.JPG (221171 bytes)
Madison Weiss at the helm ... but it is hard to see where we are going. Our Skipper to Milwaukie Daze in background is Lowell Gillespie

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201204.JPG (234663 bytes)
Passing the Sternwheeler downtown

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201205.JPG (233192 bytes)
At the dock in Milwaukie
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201210.JPG (783977 bytes)
l A long line waiting for tour of boat
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201211.JPG (533569 bytes)
Molly and Jason goofing off
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201212.JPG (381631 bytes)
Fireworks Saturday night
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201213.JPG (515490 bytes)
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201206.JPG (221855 bytes)
Ron Hoyt with Bill Weaver in background .
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201207.JPG (229940 bytes)
Two gals from the Blueback sub with Chuck Kellogg at our brief stop at OMSI

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201208.JPG (236381 bytes)
Docked at OMSI until a path can be cleared
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201209.JPG (235212 bytes)
Parting of the kayaks and swimmers for our pass through to Swan Island
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Mil201214.JPG (4868131 bytes)
PT in the middle of 'Big Float'
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/LO201201.JPG (1812159 bytes)
Bob Alton with guests at the jeep & torpedo display at Lake Oswego
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/LO201205.JPG (221444 bytes)
'Bubba' from the engine room with our skipper Dick Ackroyd
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/LO201204.JPG (230983 bytes)
Bill Weaver with Frank Lesage ready to depart
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/LO201202.JPG (220894 bytes)
Bill with new 'original' radar mast acquired from PT Boats Inc

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/LO201203.JPG (234061 bytes)
DUKW with PT boat behind at Lake Oswego dock on the Willamette

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/LO201209.JPG (231281 bytes)
Tour group in the wardroom
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/LO201210.JPG (389673 bytes)
The car show at Rodgers Park (in 3D red-l,blue-r)
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/LO201207.JPG (228551 bytes)
l Portland Spirit passing on our way home
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/LO201206.JPG (231572 bytes)
Ross Island
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs02.JPG (233495 bytes)
On our way downtown for National Historic Registry announcement
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs03.JPG (233308 bytes)
CDR Nicholas White our Naval Reserve Base host supervising our docking at Fire Dept dock

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs05.JPG (236575 bytes)
Downtown Portland in background .
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs06.JPG (233507 bytes)
Bill Weaver starting things going
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs07.JPG (235705 bytes)
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs09.JPG (232278 bytes)
CDR White speaking
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs10.JPG (234903 bytes)
l Frank Lesage at the podium
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs11.JPG (236089 bytes)
Architect describing future plans
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs12.JPG (235405 bytes)
Bob Alton talking about donors

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs13.JPG (236549 bytes)
Some of the attendees
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs14.JPG (222065 bytes)
CDR White with Dick Sleeter and Chuck Kellogg.
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs01.JPG (1856969 bytes)
The group touring boat
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/nhs15.JPG (222785 bytes)
Frank Lesage with wife Joanne at the helm on the way back
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/reflector2.jpg (1360173 bytes)
Larry Trukositz and Lonnie Gilbertson of Gilbertson Machine Shop with custom made stainless mount for rocket launching Mark 8 reflector sight

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/reflector1.JPG (239385 bytes)
l Sight with mounting on bridge
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Vigor201201.JPG (218658 bytes)
YNC Tammy Jacobs with son at the helm

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Vigor201202.JPG (236167 bytes)
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Vigor201204.JPG (236551 bytes)
CDR Nicholas White swears in YNC Tammy Jacobs for new tour of duty on the PT boat 9-22-2012.

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Vigor201203.JPG (231892 bytes)
CDR White with Tammy and her family
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Vigor201205.JPG (218331 bytes)
Liz Ware daughter of Packard Chief Marine Engineer during war
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/IMG450.jpg (1433148 bytes)
Group from Iron Workers Union 29 installing crane they refurbished
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/Steelwrkrs2012.JPG (234945 bytes)
3rd year apprentice group of Pacific Northwest Ironworkers working on pier and cradle

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/DSCF4014.JPG (1846227 bytes)
Campbell Crane hooking up for us

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/DSCF4003.JPG (1794889 bytes)
The 40mm being removed to the barge
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/DSCF4021.JPG (1810719 bytes)
The boat leaving to enter the cradle
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/DSCF4043.JPG (1806694 bytes)
The cradle going in the water with the Vigor 100 ton crane
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/DSCF4051.JPG (1837141 bytes)
The boat coming out of the water ... it weighs a little over 50 tons at this point

PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/DSCF4058.JPG (1806057 bytes)
Getting ready to be placed on the barge
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/DSCN2843.JPG (234677 bytes)
Back at the pier
PT658_summer_fall_2012_Photos/DSCN2839.JPG (234664 bytes)
Our 3 captains Lowell Gillespie, Clark Caffall and Richard Morris