Summer - Bull Session - Fall - Winter - Spring 2010 - 2011 Photos . . .

Plates for depth charge ends created and donated by Russell Whipple

Freemont bridge on way to Antique Classic Boat Show

Dick Sleeter talking with guests on pier

Guests from the Berlin Polizei

PT with other boats

Dick Lowe with Thompson at Coast Guard Day 8/6/2010.

The boat at the Coast Guard base for tours.

The railroad bridge up

The new chart table created by Jerry Gilmartin

The start of new rocket launchers

Mark Sutton with WW2 (1943) Sextant donated to PT boat in chart room.

PT ready for boarding at the Bull session

Bull session meal.

John Akin, Maury Hooper and PT chronometer watch donator Alex Hofberg of Watchworks.

WW2 PT veterans attending Bull session.

Chronometer watch and sextant in new display case built by Jerry Gilmartin.

Jerry Gilmartin with Admiral Little.

Jerry, Lt Brett Boothe, Admiral Little and base Cdr Bosworth.

Bob Alton showing the wardroom.

Maury Hooper presenting a gift.

Admiral Little at the helm.

The deck guns and torpedoes have been removed to replace aft deck.

The deck from engine room aft being removed.

Replacing deck beam above Lazaret.

Most of the deck removed.  

First piece of aft deck being fitted.

Visitors from the Portland fire group.

WW2 Battle flag on display in boathouse provided by Chuck Kellogg.

Ron Taylor painting the outside of the aft inside.

One of two rocket launcher bases provided thru Chuck Kellogg

Re-enforced deck framing for the deck seams.

Work on starboard 50 ring.

Aft deck fitted.

First aft deck piece installed.

Aft starboard deck installed.

Aft deck installed up to transom.

Start of camouflage for hull and deck.

Bayne Weidman and Ron Taylor fiberglassing deck.

Joe Reese from N.J. working on trash can.

Side camouflage.

Aft deck fiberglassed with base for 40mm started.

Stan Richards of PT244 with his daughter and other guests.

40mm and torpedoes restored.