FALL - WINTER - SPRING 2011 - 2012 PHOTOS . . .

Base and tubes for MK 50 5 inch rocket launchers port/starboard

20mm barrel box on chart house

LST vets on boat for trip to Milwaukie Daze

Dunthorpe in the background

At the boat dock in Milwaukie

A DUKW comes to visit

Robert Paddock from the U.S.S. Gambier Bay CVE 73 Catapult M.M.

Elsie Morris (Ken Morris widow) with family on board.

Photo by 'Mark' from Salem about to go under I-5 bridge on the Willamette

On the way to the 40-8  Vancouver on the Columbia

Docked on the Columbia

The burial at sea of Charles John Williams PT349 Ron 25 Gunners Mate 3/c

Headed back with starboard 5 inch rocket launcher and St. Johns bridge in background

  William Skade (Skipper of PT 143 & 625) and family come to celebrate his 90th birthday

Maury Hooper gives William and his wife Gloria a memento

At the helm with daughter Patty

In forward crew quarters

Jerry Gilmartin receives donation of the Skippers uniform both fair and foul weather

Bill Skade Ron 8 PT143 at wheel of Jeep.

Bill Skade Ron 43 PT625 skipper

At the helm of PT625

Fire boat gives display for open house at Cascade General on Swan Island

Group of PT boaters on an exchange tour in cockpit of Spruce Goose (HK-1)

1949 photo of PT 660,659 and 658 (front to back) at Pt Mugu,CA.

New 40mm ammo rack and back restraint

Further floatation for boat house and future viewing platform

About a foot higher

Jerry Gilmartin with updated base for life raft

Bill Weaver with new (original) radar mast he obtained on loan from P.T. Boats, Inc.

Jason Lobo & Jerry Gilmartin with 'Flux Gate Compass' Jerry has put together in forward crew quarters and wardroom