Post War PT658

Photo demonstrating the various stages of restoration . . . .

PT 658 Museum Newsletter March 18, 2018 -

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PT 658 Museum Newsletter Sept 11, 2017 -

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Progress on museum space in boathouse

Museum WW2 table display

PT311 flag display with theater display panal in background

A few shots of work being done in museum ... still more to be done

Further development of museum display area

Steve Dietz with Bud Case Ron 10 PT168 at museum going over memories before trip on 9-16-2017 for USS Coontz reunion

Michael Olson of Mesquite, Nv. donating to Wally Boerger a Japanese Arisaka 99 short rifle obtained by his father in 1945 off Okinawa

Jan Wojciechowski and Tom Cates finishing installing and testing museum Signal Corps field phones

Our first small group watching video in theater area

Al Skinner with foul weather jacket donated to PT658 museum

Steve Dietz, Al Skinner and Bill Weaver at museum

Group photo taken by Cheryl Woods at museum

Jim Waters and Jim Mitchell complete new storage area for uniforms below display case

Dave Pilate donates pillow case sent to his mom Dec 6 1941 from Pearl Harbor

Jim Waters and John Kihlstrum finishing new storage shelves in museun dispay cases

WW2 USO record display in museum theater

PT boats lost in enemy action display board designed by Steve Dietz in museum

Carol daughter of Don Brandt with model of his boat PT253 he made in 1994 and she donated to museum

Steve Dietz with memorial board of all PT boaters lost in action with their rank created largely by Steve

Memorial as seen in 1944 at Melville R.I. and Jim Waters finishing the trim

Japanese officer's sword obtained by Roscoe S. Krier in WW2 and donated by his son John

Fred Juras new 'hands on' screw and tool display in museum

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